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High Resolution (2018)

Director: Jason Lester
Cast: Ellie Bamber, Justin Chon, Hannah Marks, Josh Salatin, Katherine Reis, Miles Robbins, Wai Ching Ho, Perry Yung, Susanna Guzman, Quentin Mare, Faith Logan, Niru Anya, Julianne Arrieta, Karley Sciortino, Natasha Arselan, John Brodeur, Jay Feng Cobb


An adaptation of Tao Lin's beloved cult novel "Taipei". As one relationship collapses, another blooms for Erin, swept into the world of Paul Chen, a mysterious, charismatic author. When he proposes documenting every aspect of their courtship in an epic laptop-filmed "documentary", the couple enter into a performative bad romance, fueled by substances and sleepless nights.

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